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7 Must Haves to help make your Picnic Perfect

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

It’s no surprise we are a picnic family. We take every opportunity to make up a picnic whether it's the beach, the park or our living room floor for movie night. We LOVE picnics! These are the things that we find most important to help make Dreamy picnic in or out of the home. So here goes:

  1. DECOR. Okay maybe for some decor isn't the biggest factor but for me it is. Call me crazy but the more the merrier from vases with pampas to lanterns we are here for it. Flowers are great as well.

  2. SNACKS! remember 'Snack Girl' the internet sensation? Look her up. She was completely right. SNACKS!! everyone loves snacks. The charcuterie board is always my go to option but there are so many snack options. Popcorn is always fun for movie night picnic. S'mores are perfect for a sunset beach picnic near firepits.

  3. BLANKETS. blankets and more blankets. You never know if the grass or sand you are going to place your picnic is damp so having extra blankets for layering can make all the difference in comfort. Plus it's always smart in case it gets chilly. Dress accordingly and bring layers to make sure nothing dampens your dreamy picnic

  4. PILLOWS. Kind of the same concept as blankets, the more the better!

  5. WATER. And other drinks of your choice. Water is essential and often overlooked in a picnic setting. Other drinks could include wine or champagne, Sparkling cider for the kids or soft drinks. Iced tea in a beautiful pitcher is always a nice touch as well.

  6. GLASSWARE. Or plastic either way you are going to need cups, plates and serve ware. I personally go for boho glass goblets in whatever color theme I have chosen but they make gorgeous plastic ware these days so glass isn't necessary and it's much safer.

  7. HAND SANITIZER. sunscreen and bug repellent. Depending where you live and where you decide to have your picnic you'll need certain essentials. If you're on a beach in California suncreen and umbrella are a good choice. If you are by the lake in Minnesota mosquito repellent is a must have to make sure to stay comfortable.

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